Masjid Nabawi incident, order to produce records of persons seen in footage


The hearing in the High Court Rawalpindi bench was adjourned till November 16 on the request to quash the FIR registered in Attock against former Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on the Masjid Nabawi (peace be upon him) incident.

Sheikh Rashid appeared in the court of Justice Chaudhry Abdul Aziz along with his lawyer Sardar Abdul Raziq. On this occasion, Stunt Advocate General Punjab Zahid Anwar and the plaintiff in the case were also present in the court.

During the hearing, the court inquired that what action has been taken so far against the other accused in the FIR registered against the Prophet’s Mosque incident? On which the investigating officer told the court that some of them are outside the country.

The court asked that what are you doing to take action against him, issue a warrant and an advertisement for him. Assistant Advocate General Punjab Zahid Anwar told the court that Sheikh Rasheed has nothing to do with this incident according to his travel history. He was in Pakistan at the time.

On which the court said that it does not depend on whether the person is in Pakistan or not. The investigating officer should present the records of all the persons seen in the footage related to the incident at the Prophet’s Mosque within a week at the next hearing.

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