Local body elections in Karachi are likely to be postponed once again


The possibility of postponing local body elections in the city of Karachi is being shown once again.

According to the details, the Local Government Department has informed the Election Commission in writing about the issue of Local Government Elections in Karachi.

In this regard, a letter has been written to the Election Commission by the Local Government Department of Sindh, in which it has been stated that the Sindh Cabinet has approved the postponement of the Local Government Elections in Karachi Division.

It should be noted that the Sindh Cabinet has approved the postponement of local government elections in Karachi Division for 90 days and in this regard, the Local Government Department has informed the Election Commission about the approval of the Sindh Cabinet.

Enough is enough, hold municipal elections in Karachi, Sindh High Court

Yesterday, a hearing was held in the Sindh High Court on the petitions of Jamaat-e-Islami and PTI regarding the early holding of local body elections in Karachi and Hyderabad.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh asked the lawyer of the Election Commission that why are local body elections being postponed again and again. What is the security issue?

The Chief Justice remarked that why are elections not being held in Karachi and Hyderabad? It is your responsibility to conduct the election.

To which the lawyer Election Commission replied that there has been a request from the Sindh government that the provincial police is engaged in the security of the relief activities of the flood victims.

Chief Justice Ahmad Ali Shaikh expressed his anger and said that which police goes to floods? Tell me what the police are doing with the flood victims. What is the duty of the police?

The court said that any one village should be told what is the operation of the police for the flood victims, how many people are there in Sindh? Tell me where the police are stationed. Where are the reports of IG Sindh and DG Rabjars?

The Election Commission lawyer told the court that the meeting could not be held yesterday due to the holiday, on which the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court remarked that this Election Commission is not a school, what happened if it was a holiday? The meeting could be held.

When the Advocate General requested more time from the court, Chief Justice Ahmad Ali Sheikh remarked that we will not give more time, we want an immediate report.

On this occasion, Jamaat-e-Islami’s lawyer Usman Farooq said that DG Rangers should be summoned so that a proper report can come out.

Later, the court ordered the DG Rangers and IG Sindh to submit a report on the total number of personnel, asking that the DG Rangers and IG Sindh should present themselves or depute a senior officer.

The counsel for the Election Commission requested that the meeting of the Election Commission should be held and then the hearing should be held. On which the court said that we have nothing to do with the meeting, elections should be held in Karachi and Hyderabad. The hearing was adjourned till November 14.

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