Leopards entered Islamabad, panic among people – Hum News


Islamabad: Leopards have entered the federal capital Islamabad due to which fear has spread among the people.

Leopard attacked and killed 2 youths in Neelum Valley

Police and wildlife officials have cordoned off Syedpur village on reports of the leopards, while announcements are being made from mosques asking people to be cautious and stay indoors.

According to the eyewitnesses, they have seen a total of six leopards out of which three are big and three are small cubs.

Fear of a dangerous leopard in Islamabad

According to Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, leopards were spotted in Syedpur village after dusk, immediate announcements were made from mosques, wildlife team immediately reached the spot which is still there.

According to DC Islamabad it is very dark now, they will be trapped tomorrow, we are trying to avoid any harm to the population, the team of wildlife department has experience in these things.

Islamabad: A rare leopard came down from the hills of Margalla

According to the police of federal capital Islamabad, citizens should report any emergency situation on call 15.

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