Leopard is present in Islamabad, evidence found, trail 3 cell


Evidence of the presence of a leopard was found in Syedpur village of Islamabad. Trail 3 was sealed.

Evidence of the presence of a leopard was found near Trail 3 in Syedpur village of Islamabad. Chairman CDA says that the trail was closed for general public until the leopard was captured.

Citizens, especially motorcyclists, have been requested to avoid traveling alone in the area. Residents of the village have also been instructed to stay indoors.

He says that as soon as the information was received, the relevant teams were sent to Margalla Hills and Syedpur village. Environment Wing, District Administration and Islamabad Police officials are posted in these areas. Officials will try to keep the leopard away from the population.

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Along with the teams, special teams of the wildlife department are also in the area. Trail 3 has been temporarily closed to the public. The road will be opened as soon as the leopard issue is resolved.

In his statement, he said that the citizens should provide the information about the leopard to the CDA, Environment Department and police authorities so that they can take appropriate measures to deal with the problem.

It should be noted that a few days ago some motorcyclists tried to run away at high speed after seeing the leopard and after losing their balance they fell down and got injured later.

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