KP’s major kidney institute reveals lack of expert surgeons


Peshawar: It has been revealed that there is no expert surgeon in the largest kidney institute of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the details, there is no specialist surgeon in the biggest kidney institute of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Institute of Kidney Disease Hayatabad sees the patients who come for surgery from Islamabad, and the doctors here also perform surgery. Online training is being given.

In this regard, a hearing was held in the Peshawar High Court on the request of a citizen named Muhammadullah.

The director of the Institute of Kidney Diseases (IKD) told the court that for many years patients have been undergoing surgery at the IKD, but the surgery had to be stopped during the Corona epidemic, and the surgery process was delayed for two years. In the meantime, senior doctors in IKD have retired.

He said that now that the surgery process has resumed, in the absence of senior doctors, we have hired a senior doctor from Islamabad, who treats patients who come for surgery, and IKD is also training doctors, including four surgeons.

The Chief Justice remarked that every patient’s life is very precious, not having a specialist doctor in the Institute of Kidney Diseases is a very serious matter, patients should not face difficulties in the hospital.

During the hearing of the case, many people were standing on the rostrum, one of them requested to speak to the court and the court gave him the opportunity to speak, this person introduced himself as a senior doctor in IKD. , and was part of the three-member team that performed the first surgery at the Institute of Kidney Diseases, but has now been fired by the IKD administration.

The Chief Justice remarked that you people should fix your own affairs, we don’t want any patient to have any problem, no patient should face any problem in the hospital due to the mutual affairs of doctors.

Director IKD told the court that the senior doctor boycotted work in the hospital, due to which he has been dismissed and an inquiry is also underway against him.

The Chief Justice said that doctors or nursing staff are not allowed to go on strike, how can it be that a doctor closes the hospital and goes on strike, the Chief Justice while addressing IKD Legal Advisor Mansoor Tariq. He said that you should take up this matter with the chairman BOG, if things are not resolved, then the chairman BOG himself should appear at the next hearing.

The Chief Justice said that it is not difficult for us to form a commission and look at all these things, those doctors who do not perform their duties properly, we will issue orders to dismiss them from here, you report how many doctors The training is being given, the court also sought a notification from the Director IKD to suspend the senior doctor for the next hearing.

Petitioner’s lawyer Ajmal Khan Advocate said that there is no specialist doctor in the Institute of Kidney Disease Hayatabad, this problem has been going on for a long time, and the patients are facing a lot of difficulties.

He said that when patients come for surgery at the Institute of Kidney Diseases, a senior doctor from Islamabad, named Saeed Akhtar, visits the ICD with his 14-member team on the request of the management. Treat.

Malik Ajmal Khan Advocate said that the situation is that even if a patient is suffering, he will have to wait for a doctor coming from Islamabad, doctors check patients online and also give training to doctors online. are


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