Karachi: Police shelling and baton-charged protesters, PTI Sindh Assembly member injured


The Karachi police attacked the peaceful march of PTI, the police shelled and lathicharged the protestors as a result of which PTI Sindh Assembly member Raja Azhar was also injured.

The road from Jinnah Hospital to Shaara Faisal has been temporarily closed while the workers have also closed the other track of Shaara Faisal.

While trying to stop the workers near Regent Plaza, the police pelted the protestors, while the PTI workers started pelting stones at the police, while the women workers were also verbally abused by the police.

Police baton charge on Shahrah Faisal and PTI Member of Sindh Assembly from Bagdad Raja Azhar was injured while many protesters were taken into custody by the police on Shahrah Faisal.

Women are also included in the detained protestors while the detained protestors are being transferred to an unknown location in a police mobile.

Protesters dispersed to avoid tear gas shelling and arrests, while protesters also gathered in large numbers near the FTC bridge.

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