It is hoped that the new military leadership will play its role for the restoration of constitutional rights, PTI


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has expressed its best wishes for the new army chief and the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, hoping that the new military leadership will play a role in the restoration of constitutional rights and stability of democracy.

General Asim Munir the new Army Chief, President signed the summary

According to the declaration issued by PTI, the right of the people to choose the new leadership of the country through new elections will be recognized, the only solution to the ongoing crisis in the country is new elections.

It has been said in the declaration that the institutions and personalities who have the pain of Pakistan should play their role for the elections.

The statement of PTI said that we are ready to take every step for the security of the country and the stability of the institutions. The events of the last eight months have clearly created division in the country.

The President of the State has signed off on the appointment of the Army Chief, Defense Minister

In the statement issued, PTI has taken a position that the worst violation of human rights was witnessed in Pakistan, journalistic institutions and journalists were subjected to severe pressure and violence, eminent journalists like Arshad Sharif were martyred.

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