Is low platelets the only symptom of ‘dengue’?


Low platelets are not only dengue, but can be any other disease, health experts warned.

These days, along with corona, diseases like malaria, typhoid, chikungunya, dengue, viral fever are spreading rapidly in India.

Medical experts say that if a person has a mild fever, knee pain or headache, in addition to burning eyes, they should get their platelets checked immediately.

Generally low platelet count in blood is considered to be a common symptom of dengue, but it is not, there are many diseases including typhoid, viral fever, in which platelets are reduced.

What are platelets?

According to medical experts, platelets are actually small plate-shaped particles in the blood of the human body, i.e. cells, and they are surrounded by a membrane, their function is to prevent the withdrawal of human blood from the body.

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These cells i.e. platelets circulate with the blood and in case of injury or injury in any part of the body, they accumulate there and form a membrane and prevent the blood from leaving the body.

Symptoms of Dengue

Dengue fever is caused by the bite of a type of mosquito, Aedes, which itself is infected with the dengue virus and transmits the virus in the blood after the bite.

It cuts during daytime hours.

Dengue cases occur during and immediately after the rainy season, when mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water.

The first symptom of dengue fever is severe headache, lower back pain due to dengue virus, and severe pain in legs and muscles.

Fever can also cause diarrhea due to which salts are excreted from the body and the patient becomes weak.

A dengue affected patient is always drowsy due to high fever.

When these symptoms like headache, fever, nausea and vomiting, back pain, red rash appear in the body, the patient should immediately see a doctor and get a blood test done, otherwise if it is not shown in time, then “Dengo Humbridge Fever” It starts which is fatal.

The best way to prevent dengue

The best way to avoid deadly viruses is to keep your house clean.

Wherever there is a possibility of water stagnation, such as old tires, broken empty bottles, drains, water coolers and ACs, etc., clean them in a timely manner.

To avoid mosquitoes, use mosquito nets, be sure to use mosquito repellent sprays, use full-sleeved clothes in the evening hours.


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