Informed of the presence of a leopard in Saidpur village, the Chief Commissioner swung into action


The Chief Commissioner has taken action on the information about the presence of a leopard in Saidpur village.

According to the details, evidence of the presence of a leopard has been found near Trail 3 and the Chief Commissioner has issued instructions to the concerned department, the trail has been closed for general public until the leopard is caught.

The Chief Commissioner has said that as soon as the information was received, the relevant teams have been sent to Margalla Hills and Syedpur village.

Environment Wing, District Administration and Islamabad Police officials are deployed in these areas.

The Chief Commissioner said that special teams of the Wildlife Department along with Thames are also present in the area while the said trail has also been temporarily closed to the public and until the leopard is brought under control, the lives of the public are at risk. This step has been taken to ensure the property.

The duties of the staff of Environment Wing, District Administration, Islamabad Police and Wildlife Department have been assigned while the duties have also been distributed among the related staff in this regard.

The concerned staff have been instructed to remain on 24-hour alert to deal with any untoward incident while special teams formed by the Environment Department are monitoring the entire area.

The Wildlife Department is taking steps to repatriate the wild animals back to their habitat while taking appropriate action to ensure the protection of the life of the wild animals including the public.

The administration has appealed to all the residents of the area to remain calm.

The public has also been requested not to believe what is heard, the administration itself will inform the public when the track will be opened.

The Chief Commissioner further said that in any emergency situation the residents should complain to Risko 15 while the complaint received will also be redressed on priority basis.

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