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Today, World Infant Day is being celebrated around the world, the purpose of this day is to highlight the importance of the health and safety of young children in order to bring down the infant mortality rate worldwide.

According to medical experts, in the first 3 months of a newborn’s life, their abilities to hear, see, communicate and move develop, so these 3 months are very important.

According to the World Health Organization, the mortality rate of children under 5 years of age is 47% worldwide. Every day, 7,000 infants die due to neglect or various diseases.

Safeguarding and caring for a young child is an important responsibility and especially for first-time parents, this responsibility can be difficult due to inexperience.

That is why today you are being told how to protect infants.

The skin

A baby’s skin is very delicate and delicate and needs special protection throughout the year. Infants are not yet able to apply sunscreen, so protect them from direct sunlight.

Protect from the sun, especially during the warmer months and between 11am and 4pm. Wear a big and thick hat to protect his face in summer.

If the child gets sunburned, go to the doctor immediately.

Keep your baby warm in winter and keep his skin covered as much as possible to prevent frostbite.

Use a humidifier to keep the air in the room moist, but always keep the device clean to prevent dirt build-up. This dirt can get into the air and cause respiratory diseases.


A newborn baby’s fingernails will be small, soft and fine, but if the baby has a habit of scratching, they can damage his face. Therefore, it is important to always keep his fingernails trimmed.

When using nail clippers, move the pad of her finger away from her nail while cutting her nail to avoid cutting her finger.

You may find it difficult to use a nail clipper on a newborn baby at first, if you feel uncomfortable using it, try trimming your baby’s nails with an emery board.

A baby’s nails grow much faster than expected, and his toenails may need to be trimmed about once or twice a week.


A newborn baby may not be teething yet but this is the best time to start protecting his teeth, just take a small piece of cotton cloth dipped in water and rub it on the baby’s gums.

Try to do this once a day after the baby’s last feed.

After the first one or two teeth erupt, brush them with a soft brush, twice a day, once after the first feed and once after the last feed.

Toothpaste should not be used for children under 6 months of age as it may cause excess fluoride.

Another great way to prevent your baby from messing up is to avoid using a bottle to put your baby to bed or to put them to sleep at night.

Bottle-feeding a baby at night can cause permanent damage to baby’s teeth. If it is necessary to give the baby a bottle at night, fill it with water instead of milk.


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