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Indian consumers use digital information for political propaganda, report

Indian consumers use digital information for political propaganda, report

Experts warn that people who use the Internet for the first time in India are victims of lies and fraud.

According to a report by Kashmir Media Service, a conference titled ‘Review of India’s Information Manipulation Ecosystem’ was organized under the supervision of Member of European Parliament Marikate Grigorova.

The conference was organized by migrant think tank ‘Stitching Story’ in London and was attended by members of the European Parliament, European Commission and experts from the UK Home Office, among others.

Member of the European Parliament’s Special Committee on External Investigation of All Democratic Processes in the European Union, Marikate Grigorova, addressed the conference.

In this address, he said that at a time when Digital India is planning to bring more and more Indian citizens online, first-time internet users can easily fall prey to political lies.

We need to consider the implications of how the world’s largest democracy should go digital, he said.

Other speakers during the conference warned that neither the Indian government nor social media platforms have taken any substantial steps to tackle the manipulation of information in the country.

“We are investigating the potential of India’s information ecosystem to spread misinformation and hate speech and its impact on democracy around the world,” said one speaker.

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