Imran Khan’s tribute to Bol News for raising the voice of truth


While talking to senior journalists in Lahore, PTI Chairman Imran Khan paid tribute to Bol News and said that Bol News is fighting the war of Haq Sach.

Imran Khan said that the government is using negative tactics to prevent Shoaib Sheikh (CEO Bol Network) from speaking the truth. They are having a hard time, God willing, good times will come. Bol News is fighting them.

Chairman PTI said that the way the government is taking revenge, this did not happen even during Musharraf’s dictatorship. The government is oppressing the media in a fascist way. In this way, even in martial law, what is happening now did not happen.

He further said in the conversation that Pakistan has reached close to 80% default. In an interview with Sami Ibrahim, the senior anchor of Bol, on June 1, I told that the country and the economy will not be able to cope with them. Today, the major rating companies of the world are proving my fears to be true.

Imran Khan said that Q-League is our ally and the best alliance is going on with Parvez Elahi. The biggest obstacle in the registration of the case was the former IG Punjab. I tried hard to stop EVM machine rigging in elections. Nawaz Zardari Election Commission and Handles were on the same page on the EVM issue.

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