Imran Khan may want Pakistan to default, it will not happen, Ishaq Dar


ISLAMABAD: Federal Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar has said that it may be Imran Khan’s wish that Pakistan defaults, it will not happen, all payments will be made on time.

Pakistan’s default risk has reached alarming levels, Miftah Ismail

Senator Ishaq Dar, the central leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) while talking to private TV, said that Pakistan will not default, all payments will be made on time, Imran Khan should think while saying such things, Imran Khan is the politics of the state. are preferred.

He said that Imran Khan should wait for the election. It is written in the constitution that when will the election be held? Trying to control the current account deficit, we have told the State Bank that the bonds will be repaid on time.
We will get 3 billion dollars from friendly countries in two weeks, we have to manage 7.8 billion dollars out of 22 billion that we are doing.

In response to a question, Senator Ishaq Dar said that ask Miftah Ismail how much money he managed in 6 months. It is easy to talk, we will not beg the IMF, if the IMF does not come, we will manage.

The country is almost in default only to be announced, Sheikh Rasheed

Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that when I took over the ministry, the economic situation was very bad. I am still dealing with the IMF for the sake of the country. I know how the IMF program is completed. The IMF will complete the program, we cannot burden the people, I have told the IMF that your behavior is not right.

Senator Ishaq Dar said that all the conditions of the IMF have been fulfilled, Tehreek-e-Insaf has used Corona as an excuse, it was their incompetence, the relevant people have been discussed to stop the smuggling of dollars, it is very important to stop the smuggling of currency. Is.

Give your opinion openly, don’t be a victim of hesitation, Imran Khan: Members express reservations about dissolving assemblies

Federal Minister of Finance Senator while talking to private TV clearly said that he had told President Arif Alvi that the condition of general elections cannot be set earlier, the date of election has to be announced by the coalition government.

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