Imran Khan laid landmines after no-confidence motion, Ishaq Dar


ISLAMABAD: Federal Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar termed the current situation as unfortunate for the country and inquired whether the opposition would have waited any longer if he had brought Pakistan to the same level.

He wanted DGISI to be politically beneficial for him, Khawaja Asif

While talking to private TV, he said that Pakistan was in a disaster situation, the people who came in 2018 had ruined the country, here politics is done by keeping the interests of Pakistan aside, only themselves. Understanding something is the thinking of Imran Khan which he is not willing to change.

The central leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Senator Ishaq Dar said that we are fulfilling the promises made by the former government to the IMF. It was a difficult decision whether to save the state or to do politics. If politics were to be done, Nawaz Sharif would have had lines.

If our nominated names are not included, the FIR will not be accepted, Fawad Chaudhary

He said that they used to say that China’s investment in CPEC is not loans, I did not share any details of CPEC, whereas when they went to IMF, they had to give details of CPEC.

The Federal Finance Minister said that if the country’s identity is harmed, the country stands where it is today. They used to go out and say that we are thieves.

A case of murder has been filed against Imran Khan

Senator Ishaq Dar claimed that Imran Khan laid landmines after the no-confidence motion, the burden of the landmines laid fell on the coalition government, instead of increasing the price of petrol, they reduced it, no one knew this before. He will win this election.

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