Imran Khan is not born to back down from the conspiracy narrative


Chairman PTI Imran Khan says that there is no reason to back down from the conspiracy narrative because the cipher exists. There will be an attempt to take my life again.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an interview to French TV and said that there was an attack on Long March, 3 bullets were taken out of my right leg. I cannot push my leg, it will take me 4 weeks to recover. I cracked my leg bone which is bothering me.

They say that one of our best investigative journalists who was promoting my opinion was threatened. The journalist left Pakistan and was then killed in Kenya.

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He has said that there is still a threat from those who want to derail me. Unfortunately, I think there will be an attempt to take my life again. They want to derail me because my party is popular.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan says, “We got 75 percent success in the by-election. We still won while the rest of the parties had the support of the establishment. We got a great success and our popularity increased.” Basically, people want to get rid of these criminals.

He says that 61% of the members of the cabinet have corruption cases. We have public support. They think that I am an obstacle in their way, so I should be removed. Therefore, according to me, my life is still in danger.

Talking about the cipher, he has said that the cipher is a secret document that exists. The cipher was based on the conversation between our ambassador in America and Donald Lowe. Donald Lowe is telling the ambassador not to remove Imran Khan from the no-confidence motion. So you will have to suffer the consequences.

He has said that I have not backed away from the conspiracy narrative because the cipher exists. Cypher placed Cabinet and National Security before Nasl Committee. Cypher is with the Chief Justice on which we want an independent inquiry. There is no question of retreating from the conspiracy narrative, the question is how to move forward.

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They say that my government was removed through an American conspiracy. But I actually said it was all left behind. I should not stand in the way of the interest of my people. The interest of the people of Pakistan is to have good relations with all countries. Good relations with America because it is a superpower.

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