Imran Khan is a watch, pen and ring thief, he cannot return to politics, Saeed Ghani


Karachi: Minister of Labor and Manpower of Sindh Saeed Ghani has said that our workers have also become workers, remain workers and make workers like you.

There is no need to conduct an election campaign, we will come to power, Imran Khan

Leader of Pakistan People’s Party Saeed Ghani said that the youth can stop Imran Khan’s thinking, this is the only message for the youth to become workers and defeat the Vaders.

He said that I am told to give a job and vote, so I say don’t vote, but the job will be given only on merit.

The Election Commission has given the date for local body elections in Karachi

PP Karachi Division President Saeed Ghani severely criticized the Chairman PTI and said that for the past several months Imran Khan is a threat to the security of the country, Imran Khan is a watch, pen and ring thief.

That’s it! Who lifted the hand, did not leave even the water bottles, Imran Khan cannot return to politics.

Imran Khan is still doing politics of blackmail and chaos, Shahid Khaqan

Provincial Labor and Manpower Minister Saeed Ghani said that only Bilawal Bhutto Zardari can bring change in the country.

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