Important agreement on climate change is a win for the whole world, Bilawal Bhutto


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has said that having an important agreement on climate change is not a victory for a single country but for the whole world. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, we have to focus on joint struggle. To stand on the feet.

While giving an interview to a foreign broadcasting organization, Bilawal said that the agreement on climate change is a victory for those who have been affected by the destruction of climate change. The cut is likely to be completed by the next meeting.

The next COP meeting will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates, many countries in the G77 plus China are worried about the non-fulfillment of past commitments, the text of the agreement is important which binds these countries to their commitments, climate The destruction of changes will not only affect the developing countries but also the developed ones.

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Bilawal said that as the head of the G77 plus China, we want the points of the agreement to be implemented, we have established the Damage and Loss Fund and have made arrangements to provide financial assistance, we have committed to it in due time. To work towards achieving the goals, Pakistan looks forward to working closely with its partners in the G77 and the UAE.

He further said that instead of pointing fingers at each other, we have to focus on joint struggle. This is not the first time that the current floods have caused destruction in Pakistan. There have been heat waves and floods before, the IMF and the World There should also be a climate bank in the bank where you can go, loans from the climate bank at reasonable rates to enable the rehabilitation of your people, practical consensus is needed to end the use of toxic fuels.

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