If the establishment needed help, then why would it have depended on EVM, Imran Khan – Bol News


Former Prime Minister Imran Khan says that I need the support of the establishment, not the Muslim League (N) and the PPP, I just want a transparent election.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan met senior journalists at his residence Zaman Park in Lahore. In a meeting with journalists, the former prime minister discussed the long march and the political situation in the country.

On this occasion, Chairman PTI Imran Khan informed the journalists about the threats to his life and the attack.

The former prime minister said that the rulers opposed EVMs because they knew that I would win and if I wanted the support of the establishment, why would I have depended on EVMs.

He said that efforts are being made to invite Nawaz Sharif in order to give the impression of a similar atmosphere, but if elections are held without EVMs, then inshallah we will win.

Imran Khan said that as much as the people are with us, we will get a two-thirds majority, God willing, and considering our popularity, they are not holding these elections due to this fear.

Chairman PTI said that I stand with the army, the army is mine, these people want to stand me in front of the army, this will never happen when the solution to the problems facing the country is in transparent elections.

The former prime minister said that I do not need the support of the establishment, but the Muslim League (N) and the PPP, I only want a transparent election and what will be discussed with the one who secretly meets in the digi.

Imran Khan further said that I am going with the long march but I am not in a hurry, however the people of Islamabad are in a hurry while I will decide the timing of the long march myself.

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