How will depression and stress patients get relief? know


In Pakistan, unemployment, law and order situation and natural calamities like floods have caused physical damage in the society but also increased the mental problems many times.

According to a survey report, psychologists say that the rate of depression in Pakistan is reported to be 34 percent, which means that every third person suffers from depression, anxiety and depression.

Social inequality, poverty and unemployment among other factors have made a large population of Pakistan suffer from depression.

In this regard, Mind Scientist Professor Dr. Moeez Hussain shed light on this situation in detail while talking in ARY News’ program Awabar Sawira.

Dr. Mueez Hussain said that I cannot tell the proportion of depression patients with certainty, but it is certain that school going children, their mothers and working men suffer from depression to some degree.

He said that everyday matters whether they are basic needs, domestic nature or national problems and every person who reaches the stage of consciousness does not have the ability to decide what he should do for the future.

The Mind Scientist said that an insurance company in America conducted a research which concluded that depression or anxiety is a silent and hidden killer that eats people like termites.

He said that the remedy is to spend some time with your family, take a walk, and listen to your favorite music for a while, or do some social work that you can do to help people. will come


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