How to Get the Best Out of Canva Chat GPT Plugin


OpenAI has released a Canva plugin for ChatGPT users that is available for download and can create any visuals like logos, banners, etc. using gestures. Before, users were still getting help from ChatGPT to create art on Canva, but the process was more complicated.

However, the new plugin will make the process faster and easier with just a few clicks. To install the plugin, you need to open the AI ​​chatbot in your browser and scroll down to the plugin store to find and install the Canva plugin. Once installed, you’ll be able to specify the exact art or visuals you need in the prompt section and get powerful graphics.

Here’s how you can use this plugin to achieve various graphics-related and social media tasks:

Download social media graphics.

Using prompts, ChatGPT will be able to create stunningly attractive graphics that can compel your audience to engage with posts and deliver your message. Instead of wasting hours deciding what’s best and ideal for a great visual, you can trust ChatGPT to create it for you, even with an additional custom message.

Business presentations

While you need to prepare your research and meeting notes well, your visual presentation is critical in engaging attendees and gaining the approval of your superiors. ChatGPT will easily be able to create a fully developed presentation that is not only professionally appealing but also contains all the important information.

Event invitations

Why hire a graphic designer to design your wedding cards when ChatGPT can do it for you exactly the way you want. Design your own event invitations using prompts to specify themes, colors and text content. No editing required! Just download the image and send it to your invitees. You can also use it to create your own business card.

Blog Post Graphics

Writing blogs can’t go anywhere without the right post graphics that will get users to click on a link to your piece. Use ChatGPT to ensure your blog goes from ‘meh’ read to ‘must read’ with just a few clicks. Use it to create ebook covers and marketing flyers.

Logo creation

There may be many other logo creators out there offering similar services but why go anywhere else when you have ChatGPT and Canva? For users who fail to design or create great artwork for a logo, this plugin will make things very easy. You can ditch bad clipart with bad pixels for a new branded logo for a business.


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