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Kharian: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan strongly condemned the explosion in Turkey and expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased and said that he is with the people of Turkey in this hour of sorrow.

The decisions of the country’s destiny are being made outside the country, Imran Khan

Addressing the participants of the Long March through video link, he said that the entire nation is going through shock after the defeat in the World Cup, losing is part of the game, one should not lose heart and fight till the last ball.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Pakistani team fought till the last ball, Shaheen Shah Afridi’s injury caused a big loss, if Shaheen Shah Afridi’s injury was not there, the result could have been something else, Pakistan’s bowling proved to be the best bowling in the world. Hey, Babar Azam is a great captain.

An explosion in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, killed 4 people and injured 38

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that it is being said that the long march has slowed down, can’t the march slow down after the attack in Wazirabad? This long march is being done to get a real freedom, the propaganda about the long march is being done.

He said that during my government, the opposition did three long marches, our long march is not to end our corruption cases, we only want clean and transparent elections in the country, these two families have been sitting in power for 30 years. , Pakistan was at the forefront in the 90s, had already said that Pakistan cannot be managed by these people.

It’s time for Imran Khan’s spectacle to stop, Maryam Aurangzeb

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that how can the people who destroy the country’s institutions improve the economy? Economic development of Pakistan improved after 17 years, industries were restored in Faisalabad but our government was overthrown by conspiracy.

Addressing the participants of the long march, the former prime minister said that for the last 7 months there has been only one demand that immediate elections should be held. Immediate elections are necessary to get the country out of the quagmire. The current government has done more than our first 9 months in three months. Borrowed.

He said that a fugitive and convicted person sitting in London is making the decisions of the country, Nawaz Sharif knows that he has to lose in the election, Ishaq Dar has submitted an affidavit, he has been doing money laundering for Nawaz Sharif, using stolen money in London. The flats were bought, the entire Sharif family has fled after corruption, they give their people big positions instead of merit, it is pushing the country towards destruction to save its corruption.

Imran Khan said that they have been stealing the country’s money for 30 years and taking it outside. I tell them to put my name in the ECL. Yes, if the nation is not told the right way to protest, then this country will become Sri Lanka, the nation has rejected these people.

In 1992, England won the T20 World Cup

Chairman Imran Khan said they should be thankful that we are protesting within the constitution and law, when
When our long march reaches Rawalpindi, people will come in large numbers to participate, the current government has made the most foreign visits, did not do foreign visits until I saw the benefit of my country, wanted. That Pakistan’s foreign policy should be an independent policy, I can never accept anyone’s slavery.

Addressing the participants of the Long March through a video link, the former prime minister said that they want an India policy from America, the country is going down fast, so does anyone have any way to save it? 88 percent of the business community says the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The industrialists of Faisalabad said that we are not getting workers for textile mills, oil was expensive in our time and today it is cheap, but has the inflation reduced? On one side the debt is increasing and on the other side the income is decreasing, if political stability comes then the country’s economy will also improve, we need clean and transparent elections.

The government is not ready for a peaceful settlement, if Imran Khan is arrested, the situation will worsen, Fawad Chaudhary

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that Shehbaz Sharif was going to be punished in the FIA ​​case, Arshad Sharif is sitting in the hearts of the people, after the murder of Arshad Sharif, the nation has no faith in anyone. Even though I am a former prime minister, I cannot file an FIR for assault on myself, today unemployment is increasing, the nation is currently looking at the Supreme Court.

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