Head injuries in children can be dangerous, don’t ignore them


Children of any age fall due to play or carelessness of others and they also get head injuries which can be dangerous.

Children who are less than one year old often fall from the bed to the floor while picking up the crotch or moving, or are injured by the mistake and carelessness of the parents while carrying them, while older children who go to school. They also sometimes get head injuries while playing or falling which can be dangerous if neglected. This injury can cause mental problems for children in the future, and some injuries last a lifetime. Therefore, health experts advise caution in this regard.

Dr. Naheed Ali, an expert in this regard, said in the popular morning show of ARY News, “Bakhbar Sawira,” that children, whether they are young or old, should not ignore it if they get a head injury. The notion that injury and brain injury are separate is wrong. A head injury and a brain injury are the same thing. Whether children are young or old, the special thing about these injuries is that God blesses 90 to 95% of children and the remaining 5% have long-term medical problems. They can have problems such as loss of speech and hearing or tremors and mental retardation, which also reduces their school performance.

Dr. Naheed said that if the child is less than one year old and he falls from the bed or from the lap of an adult on the tiled floor, first check how high the child fell? What has fallen directly on the head? Or hit something else and fall on the floor. On such an occasion, the crying of the child is not a matter of concern, but it is necessary to observe the other condition of the child at that time.

He said that most of the time children fall on the head, blood does not come out, but after some time there is swelling, which is commonly known as “gomar”. In such a case observe the condition of the child if he is not sleeping, is alert and behaves as usual then there is no need to worry. If he sleeps but there is nothing unusual, don’t worry, he is fine.

Dr. Naheed said, “However, if the child starts vomiting, feels restless and falls asleep and does not wake up even after being lifted, or is not breathing properly during sleep and starts having tremors, then it is a matter of concern and you should seek immediate attention.” Should be taken to a nearby hospital.

Regarding older children, Dr. Naheed said that children who are old enough to go to school or go out to play cannot be stopped, but they can definitely provide a safe environment. If it ever happens that the child comes from outside and is injured but is awake, eating and talking, then it is not a matter of concern, but if he lies down and sleeps without telling anything. If he vomits after waking up, then his brain may have been affected by the injury.

He said that in such a situation, if the child gets hurt and falls down unconscious and water starts coming from his ear or eye, then this is a sign that the child’s brain membrane has water. In such a case, it is necessary to get immediate medical attention and a CT scan. He said that the way children are carried around in their arms is also a wrong way.


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