Hand in hand with the procession: The groom reached the police station in a decorated car


Jahanian: Arman to bring the bride in marriage interfered with the procession that arrived decorated, so the groom reached the police station with a cry in a decorated car.

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According to the incidents, when the procession reached Khanewal from Makhdoom Rasheed near Jahanian area of ​​Punjab province, it was found that the bride and her family were not there but had disappeared after locking the houses.

Seeing this situation, at first the groom Muhammad Kashif searched for the bride and her family members in nearby areas and after failure sat in a decorated car and reached the police station.

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The groom Muhammad Kashif, who was also wearing a traditional ‘gahna’ on his wrist, told the staff at the police station that the bride and her family had also taken Rs 80,000 from him for the wedding preparations, but now they are giving it to him. Not found.

Mohammad Kashif applied in Khanewal City Police Station that despite searching, he has not found any trace of the bride and her family members and he has come to know that she has been defrauded, so action should be taken against the culprits and her father. Have a rope.

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Thana City police received the request from the groom and assured to take action, after which the groom and Barati went back empty handed.

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