Government wants to control institutions to hide its theft, Imran Khan – Hum News


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan by It has been said that the government wants to control institutions to hide its theft, controlling institutions means destroying institutions.

In a video link address to the PTI Long March, he said that Shahbaz Sharif one Punishment won the person From Advice do stayed Is, Punishment won of the Decisions to do Country Of Insult Is, London I Spectacle Institutions strong to do for no Rather own theft save of the for be stayed Is.

He by said Country I power Of leadership Is, me Tablets Start But F came R no cut off Paw Stayed. Here powerful To Jail I no put go Deal Of Gati Is.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif To Punishment to meet Wally was But Top sat down gave went. He by own Cases sorry to make of the except Some no What did

The former prime minister said that Nawaz Sharif is worried about the country because these people will run away, Japan had two nuclear attacks but that nation has risen again and is developing.

He said that Pakistan is a nuclear power but we are begging for money like beggars. These people are destroying the morality of the nation, the powerful consider themselves above the law.

He said that the institutions of successful and prosperous countries are strong, a strong country is built on strong institutions, the judiciary is a strong institution, they tried to buy the judges for thirty years, attacked the Supreme Court, they have a history. They call the judge and say give Benazir five years sentence instead of three years.

He further said that these people want to run the judiciary, they sunk the police fleet, they buy people and then use them. .

He said that everything came to light in the TT scandal, how Shahbaz Sharif used to send carloads of money, if his money is returned, the country does not need a loan. died, not that Shahbaz Sharif was saved, they will save the rest of the people too,

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