Government College’s half-century history book launched – Hum News


It is said that even if times pass, historians do not let them pass. By holding the finger, the readers are taken into the past, taking a tour of the era.

This week, the book “A History of Government College Lahore” by Professor Masood Siddiqui, the historian of Government College Lahore, was launched in Lahore.

In the book, Khalid Masood Siddiqui has covered the history of Government College or GCU for the last half century from 1964 to 2014.

On the occasion of the launch of the book written by Professor Khalid Masood Siddiqui, personalities related to knowledge and literature participated in the ceremony held at Quaid-e-Azam Library Lahore.

Khalid Masood Siddiqui has embellished the book with his observations in the form of emotional devotion to GC. The events of half a century between 1964 and 2014 and the achievements and problems of Government College University Lahore have been mentioned.

On this occasion, writer Khalid Masood Siddiqui said that he hopes people will like this book.

He revealed that his published book was not even half of his draft. Explaining this, he said that Government College has its own history as well as each department of the college has its own history which was difficult to compile in one book.

The participants of the launch event described the book as a treasure of information and also called it an asset of the history of Government College University Lahore.

Professor Shaista Salahuddin said that the book covers the last fifty years very well. It is a very important addition to the field of literature and history.

The book was also well received by critics and said that it is clear after reading it that it is not biased towards one side.

Objectivity is a study material and objectivity is an important component of history and that is what history actually is. Speaking on behalf of the speakers in the event, the book was described as a welcome addition to the oracles of knowledge, literature and history.

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