Google’s search generative experience can now generate images.


Google’s search generative experience can now generate images using text input.

In March, Microsoft launched the same feature for Bing Chat using OpenAI’s DALL-E mode. Keeping up with the competition, Google has followed suit.

Once a user opts into SGE through Google’s Search Labs program, they can type a query into the Google search bar. SGE will then generate a few images based on the prompt. As per the edge, Google’s new feature is powered by the Imagen family of AI models. The GIF below shows how the feature works.

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Google Making sure it rolls out the feature responsibly. According to a statement on its blog, the company added, “Each image generated by SGE will have metadata labeling and embedded watermarking to indicate that it was created by AI. The ability to generate images only Available in English in the U.S., for people who chose the SGE experience and who are 18 years of age or older.”

The company will continue to add more tools to this feature to preserve the experience.


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