Gas loadshedding continues in different areas of Karachi


Gas loadshedding continues in different areas of Karachi.

According to the details, the winter has not fully arrived in Karachi, but due to the decrease in gas pressure in different areas of the city, the citizens are facing difficulties, the gas load-shedding continues.

In Landhi, Sarjani, various areas of North Karachi, Manghopir, Site, Baldia and Orangi, the citizens are worried due to very low gas pressure.

Different areas are forced to use urban gas cylinders.

On the other hand, the government has already told the people that there may be shortage of gas in winter and crisis situation.

It should be noted that people across the country may face severe shortage of gas in winter. According to Bol news sources, there is a fear that the gas crisis will intensify.

According to the sources, the demand for gas has started increasing and the shortfall is likely to reach the highest level. In view of this crisis, gas will be made available to consumers only three times, because the domestic production of gas is currently three and a half billion cubic feet. Consumers are likely to get gas only three times a day, but supply of gas to the industrial and commercial sector is proving difficult.

Sources further said that currently the gas requirement across the country is 8 billion cubic feet but only 900 MMcfd is being provided to domestic consumers.


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