Four Ways to Increase Productivity Using OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is a versatile note-taking application that can help you organize your notes and information effectively.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or someone who wants to cross off your to-do list, OneNote is a powerful platform for easily collecting, organizing, and accessing your notes and information. presents Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of OneNote.

1. Convert your handwritten pages to text.

Microsoft OneNote has a built-in feature that allows you to convert handwritten notes into typed text. This feature is called Ink to Text. Select it to select it. draw Tab and click in the ribbon Lasso Select. Now drag the lasso around the text you want to change and then click. Ink to Text.

2. Record your meetings.

OneNote allows you to record meetings and take audio notes on your laptop. Additionally, you can bookmark important moments during recording by typing notes on a OneNote page. To do this, access the enter Tab is located in the ribbon and select Audio OneNote will start recording immediately. If there are specific segments you want to revisit later, make a note on the OneNote page. This note can be a short keyword or a more comprehensive description. After the meeting ends, click . stop inside the ribbon. Now, your notes will appear smaller. play icons on the left. Clicking on play button allows you to play the recording from the point where you made that note.

3. Solve basic and complex maths.

Microsoft OneNote gives users the option to solve both basic and complex math problems directly in their notes. Type or write the math equation you want to solve. As soon as you end the equation with an equals sign “=”, OneNote will automatically calculate the result. For solving complex equations, OneNote has a robust math engine, which helps you write equations with the stylus, convert them to text, and even create or solve graphs. It’s a handy tool for more advanced math tasks.

4. Search audio notes like normal text.

OneNote has an option to enable audio search. To do this, click on File Tab and click authorities Select the button Audio and video Click a category from the list and click the check box to accept the dialog box prompt. After clicking the checkbox, searching notes will now find words in audio and video clips.


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