FIFA World Cup 2022: Tunisia held Denmark to a draw, Poland and Mexico also tied the match.


Doha, November 23 (SO News/Agency) Tunisia played a great game and played a draw without scoring any goals in their FIFA World Cup 2022 Group D match. On the other hand, Poland and Mexico of the group of Saudi Arabia could not score any goals against each other due to which the match was drawn.

After the draw, 10th-ranked Denmark and 30th-ranked Tunisia shared one point each. Tunisia have earned points against a European team for the first time in FIFA World Cup history.

Tunisia had a chance to win the match and take all three points, but Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel denied them just before half-time. Tunisia’s Issame Jabali broke into the opposition’s D and attempted to score, which was successfully blocked by Schmeichel.

Christian Eriksen, who suffered a heart attack while playing for Denmark at Euro 2020, also returned to the team for this match. In the second half of the match, Eriksson took a shot on goal which was saved by Tunisian goalkeeper Ayman Dahman to keep the score at 0-0.

Denmark created several more chances in the second half but Dahmann thwarted all attempts to secure a draw for his side.

In another match, both teams of Poland and Mexico played brilliantly and attacked each other, but both failed to convert these attacks into goals. If Poland is one of the best teams in Europe, Mexico is also one of the best teams in South America. This draw has created difficulties for Argentina, the strongest team in the group.

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