Fasten your seat belt, there will be both accountability and election, Sheikh Rashid


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Sheikh Rasheed has said that fasten seat belts, there will be both accountability and election.

In his statement issued on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rashid said that the quorum of the assembly has not been fulfilled for 6 months, how can he pass the NAB amendments for himself.

The former federal minister said that 12 wounds and 4 missing nails on Arshad Sharif’s body is a national tragedy.

‘Economy is headed for collapse and bankruptcy’

Sheikh Rasheed said that the nation is already dying of inflation, the thousands of people who were called from outside are dying of cold.

He said that the economy is going to collapse and bankruptcy, another one crore people have fallen into poverty.

The PTI leader said that the IMF has taken it by the collar. The rulers used the name of Saudi Arabia and China unnecessarily, they need courage to order oil from Russia.

‘I’m on Twitter for 15 more days’

The former federal minister said that the rulers are not able to show eyes to Rawalpindi, the problem belongs to Pindi, the people of Pindi will solve it by November 30.

Sheikh Rasheed further said that fasten the seat belt, there will be both accountability and election, be on Twitter for another 15 days.

Video statement of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

On the other hand, Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said in his video statement that we will welcome Imran Khan’s real long march at Committee Chowk.

An emergency meeting of focal persons has been arranged to finalize the arrangements on Friday, November 18 at two o’clock. We will make Lal Haveli an emergency camp office for the actual Long March.

‘Imran Khan will have a historic reception at Committee Chowk’

In the Committee Chowk, God willing, whatever date they give, they will finalize the arrangements, hopefully they will take a decision today.

Imran Khan will be accorded a historic reception at Committee Chowk, arrangements will be finalized at Lal Haveli on Friday at 2 pm.

All citizens of Rawalpindi are requested to participate in Committee Chowk or wherever they think fit, so that the real Azadi March can be successful and the nation can be freed from anxiety and anarchy.

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