End of business, positive trend in Pakistan Stock Exchange


A positive trend has been recorded in the Pakistan Stock Exchange index on the last day of the business week.

According to the details, on the last day of the business week in Pakistan Stock Exchange, there was a great increase in the index, due to the increase, Hunderdanex crossed the 43 thousand mark.

The market closed at 43 thousand 118 with an increase of 217 points, while today’s highest level of the market was 43,120 and lowest level was 42,805.

A total of 358 companies’ shares were traded throughout the day, in which 175 companies’ share prices increased while 154 companies’ shares decreased.

On the other hand, during the recent economic crisis, the value of the dollar continues to fluctuate.

The interbank dollar has recorded its fifth day of gains in the business week.

According to the data released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the value of the dollar has increased by 22 paise in the interbank.

According to forex dealers, the dollar closed at 221.64 rupees from 221.42 interbank.

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