Do not talk here and there! Bring out the receipts, Maryam Nawaz


The Central Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Maryam Nawaz has asked Imran Khan and said that to whom did you sell the watch, tell me the name?

Reacting to former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet, Maryam Nawaz said that do not talk here and there, take out the receipts! Who sold the watch, tell me the name? How did Pakistan get the money, tell them.

He further wrote that repentance! The one who called others a thief turned out to be the biggest thief of Pakistan.

It should be noted that Imran Khan had tweeted some time ago that “Enough is enough”. Imran Khan tweeted from his official account that yesterday a channel with the help of handlers slandered me through a baseless story. Supposedly, this story is created by a famous fraud and world wanted criminal.

I have spoken to my lawyers, I will sue Jive, Khanzada and Jalsaaz not only in Pakistan but also in UK and UAE.

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