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Destruction by strong earthquake in Indonesia, 162 people died


Jakarta, November 22 (SO News/Agency) As a result of Monday’s earthquake in the central island of Java, 162 people were killed while more than 700 were injured, while many people are still missing. Local people are afraid of the destruction after the earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.4 on the Richter scale, but about 25 aftershocks shook buildings. Hundreds of buildings have been damaged and people have to flee to safer places for their lives.

According to Indonesia’s Meteorology and Climatology and Geophysical Agency, 25 more aftershocks were recorded after the earthquake. Meanwhile, panic spread among the people. Due to the earthquake, the doctors rushed the patients out of the hospital. Doctors heaved a sigh of relief after the patients were safely discharged from the hospitals. However, during this time, the treatment of serious patients was interrupted.

Due to the earthquake, the electricity was off for hours. There was panic among the frightened people as they could not get updates from news channels due to lack of electricity. Indonesia’s Disaster Management Authority says 25 people are still buried under the rubble, and rescue operations will continue into the night. We are trying to get everyone out safely.

The death toll has risen to 162, the agency said. More than 2000 houses have been damaged. Apart from this, more than 5000 people have been shifted to safe centres.

Speaking to the media, West Java Governor Rizwan Kamil said, “People are scared and crying. It will take time for things to return to normal but we are busy. Many roads have been buried by severe landslides, they are being reopened with the help of bulldozers. Since this city is a hilly area, there must be some difficulty in rescue.

The situation was that people were crying and looking for their families. Bodies were lying on the tarpaulin. People were looking for their families in it. Kamil said that many people are still trapped at the scene, the number of injured and dead will increase with time.

The head of the local administration said that most of the deaths occurred in a hospital where patients were admitted and that hospital had been reduced to ruins. He told the Indonesian media that after the earthquake, there was no electricity in Siang Hospital in the city, due to which doctors were not able to treat the victims immediately. In which some patients died due to lack of treatment. He said that due to the large number of patients, there was an urgent need for more health workers, but now the situation is under control. According to media reports, local people took the injured to the hospital in pick-up trucks and motorcycles.

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