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A father who was affected by the CID program killed his daughter

A father who was affected by the CID program killed his daughter

A strange incident has happened in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where a father killed his daughter after being inspired by the TV program ‘CID’.

According to Indian media, the police in the city of Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra have arrested a man who allegedly killed his 16-year-old daughter to teach his wife a lesson.

According to the report, the accused tried to make the death a suicide after killing him, in which he failed and was caught.

According to the police, after the suicide of his first wife, the accused Gudu Chhote Lal Rajak had married a woman named Kaushalya for the second time, while he had three children from the first wife.

The police say that the second wife was fed up and left the house to which the accused took such a big step to teach her a lesson.

According to the police, the body of 16-year-old Mahi was found hanging from the ceiling on November 6, while the police also found 5 letters written before the suicide.

The in-charge of the police station said that in the letter, the girl had accused her step-mother, maternal uncle, aunt and grandfather of forcing her into marriage while the maternal uncle was also accused of harassment in the letter.

Police said that the accused had hatched the plan to teach his wife and relatives a lesson while he got the idea from the TV program CID.

The police further said that the accused put the daughter on the table on the pretext of taking a picture, after which the son took the picture and then Guddu kicked the table.

He said that when the police suspected the accused and took his mobile phone for investigation, the accused confessed to the murder.

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