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Britain’s decision to recall troops deployed under the peacekeeping mission in Mali


According to the reports of a foreign media, Britain has decided to recall its army deployed under the peace mission in the African country of Mali.

Britain will recall the 300 troops it sent to Mali as part of a UN peacekeeping force in the West African country, a British government minister said today, according to foreign media.

France and its military allies have begun withdrawing thousands of troops from Mali this year after the country’s military junta began cooperating with private contractors from Russia’s Wagner Group.

The Western withdrawal from Mali this year has raised fears among diplomats that it could increase violence and destabilize neighbors and embolden extremists.

British Armed Forces Minister James Happy told parliament that recent insurgencies in Mali have undermined international efforts to help bring peace to the country, which has seen a surge in recent years from groups linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS. I have seen violence.

“When the government of the host countries is not ready to work with us to provide lasting stability and security, this government cannot deploy our country’s military to provide security,” Happy said.

James Happy added that the Malian government’s partnership with Wagner, which has also been linked to human rights abuses, was detrimental to security in the region.

Happy said the UK would continue to be committed to the UN’s work in West Africa and the region.

Britain sent troops to Mali in late 2020 to provide intelligence support to a UN peacekeeping mission of around 14,000 personnel.

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