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Expecting a bundle of joy and looking for a beautiful Muslim girl name starting with “L” that not only sounds melodious but also holds a deep meaning? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll provide you with a carefully curated list of enchanting names, each with its own unique significance. But before we dive into the list, let’s explore why choosing the perfect name for your little one is so important.


Laiba Gorgeous, Pretty, A beautiful Hoor Of Heaven لائبہ
Lubna Elegance, A woman who has milky white colour, Storax Tree لبنیٰ
Liza Devoted To Allah(SWT), Endowment To Allah, CONSECRATED TO GOD لیزا
Laraib Without A Doubt, Not Suspicious, Truth, Faultless, Pure, Intact لاریب
Lucy shine,Light لوسی
Lamia Daughter Of Poseidon. لامیہ
Latifa Gentle. Kind. Pleasant. Friendly. لطیفہ
Liyana Softness, tenderness لينا
Laila Night لیلیٰ
Luna Moon. لونا
Lula Pearl لُولا
Leena Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency لينا
Lubaba Variant Of Lubabah: The Innermost Essence. لبابہ
Liba Most Beautiful Hoor in jannah ليبا
Labiba Wise, Intelligent. لابیبا
Lu’lu Pearls, Gems. لوعلو
Lily A Flower للی
Lilian In American meaning is : Blend of Lily: lily flower and Ann: gracious, favor لِلیاں
Lilith Ghost,night Demon. لیلتھ
Lalita In greek meaning is : Talkative. للیتا
Lili In french meaning is : The flower lily is a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty. لیلی
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats heavens She will be in jannat al firdous لاعبه
Lee In American meaning is : Dweller near the wood or clearing لی
Layan Gentle and soft لاين
Linta Soft heart لینتا
Leela Night. لیلا
Lana to be gentle, soft, tender لانا
Layla Night Beauty لیلہ
Lamis Soft To The Touch. لامس
Lumia With Lips Of لمیا
Lyana Eye of the light ليانا
Lunara Kazakh short form of Gulnara It means flower, rose and pomegranate لونارا
Lyla Night, Night Beauty لیلہ
Lilah Night, Night Beauty لیلہ
Lujain Gold لوجين
Lisha Darkness Before Midnight. لیشا
Lilia Night لیلہ
Lyn In American meaning is : Waterfall لین
Lila Night. لیلہ
Lala rukh Like Flowers لالہ رخ
Lida A woman from Lydia. The name has come to mean a cultured woman. لیدا
Landa Reference To The Virgin Mary لندا
Layali Nights (plural Of Layla) لیلی
Laraib Without A Doubt لاریب
Laiqa Deserving, Suitable, Elegant لائقہ
Lamisa Soft to touch. لميس
Lahya gift لہیہ
Lazim Essential, imperative لازيم
Ladan A Flower لدن
Laibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous. لعبه
Lateefa In Muslim meaning is : Gentle; Kind لطیفہ
Lamya Of Dark Lips. لمیا
Lesha Woman لایشہ
Leila Born At Night, Black, Night, Night Beauty لیلہ
Labeeqa Understanding The لبیقہ
Laily Night. لیلے
Leema Resembling The لیما
Lillah In english meaning is : Variant of Lily: Lily flower. The flower lily is a symbol of innocence لیلہ
Lakisha Woman, Alive, She Who Lives لکیشا
Lela Born At Night, Night, Black Beauty لیلہ
Leily Nocturnal, One Who Does Anything By Night لیلی
Labeeba Variant Of Labiba: Wise, Intelligent. لبیبا
Lubab The best part لوباب
Laiha Glittering. لائحة
Layyah Twist, Flexure ليه
Lamees Variant Of Lamis: Soft To The Touch. لمیس
Latifah Gentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly. لطیفہ
Lail Night. لايل
Lo’loo Variant Of Lu’lu: Pearls, Gems. لوعلو
Leyla Nocturnal لیلا
Lafiza To Intellect لافظہ
Labisha To late لابشہ
Labibah Variant Of Labiba: Wise, Intelligent. لبیبہ
Lamisah Soft to the touch لمسه
Laleh Tulip flower لیلہ
Lubena Purity لبنى
Lubabah The Innermost Essence. لبابہ
Larien The crown of flowers لورین
Lailah Variant Of Layla: Night, Born At Night, Sweetheart. لیله
Lahna The gift Donation لہنہ
Lubaaba In Muslim meaning is : The innermost essence لبابہ
Lylah Night. لیلہ
Lutfiyah In Sindhi meaning is : Delicate, graceful. لطفیہ
Lamya’ Variant Of Lamya: Of Dark Lips. لمیاع
Lanika The Best لانكا
Lelia Night, Night Beauty لیلہ
Layaan Gentleness, softness ليان
Leasha Woman لایشہ
Lailaa Variant Of Layla: Night, Born At Night, Sweetheart. لیلا
Leilah Born At Night,Night. لیلہ
Lasca Army Or Soldier. لسکہ
Lutfiya Delicate, graceful. لتفيا
Lailie Night. لیلہ
Lahifa To help لاحفہ
Lutaf fun,Delightful لطف
Leelah Night. لیلہ
Leem Peace لیم
Luja of great depth لوجى
Lorinda The crown of flowers لورندا
Lakeisha Woman. لکایشا
Loelia Night. لیلہ
Lublubah Affectionate, tender لبلبه
Lillis Ghost,night Demon. لیلس
Latima MUSSUCK لطیمہ
Layina Tender, supple, resilient. لينا
Lekisha Woman. لکیشا
Losinda shine,Light لوسندہ
Latif Gentle, Kind لطیف
Lasani Unprecedented لاثانی
Lal To Caress, To Play لال
Lashirah Very intelligent لشرح
Limees Delicate vagina woman لمیس
Lelah From Laelius. لیلہ
Lameaa Glowy لامعہ
Lunah Date palm لونه
Laveeza Angel Of Heaven لویزا
Lalam As beutiful as tulip flower لالام
Luloah Variant Of Lu’lu: Pearls, Gems. لولوہ
Lakhta Ear Ring. لخطة
Leilia Night. لیلیٰ
Lutfana To goodness لطفانہ
Lutfiyya Kindness, Delicate Grace. لتفییا
Labbaanah Milk لبانه
La’abat Lover لعبت
Lujaina Silver لوجين
La’aeen Bad لعین
Leshah Woman لایشہ
Laoob In Pretender لعوب
Laqa Vision, Dowry, Meeting لقا
Lakeesha Woman. لکایشا
Lakeysha Woman. لکایشا
Lalzari Lal – Ruby, Zar – Golden. للزرع
Laahizah Watcher لاحظہ
Laahab Fire لاہب
Laahfah Helper لاحفہ
Lekeesha Woman. لکایشا
Lakicia Woman. لکیسیہ
Laabsah Stay لابثہ
Layly Nocturnal, One Who Does Anything By Night لیلی
Laabtah Desire لابتہ
Lakecia Woman. لکیسیہ
Lajwerd Precious Nile لاجورد
Lakitia Woman. لکتہ
Lutf Kindness, friendliness لوتف
Laketia Woman. لکتیہ
Latimah Scent. لطمه
Lawahiz glances in Arabic. لوحظ
Laseef Glitter. لصيف
Lekeisha Woman. لکیشا
Lraaz MYSTERY. لرز
Lubnah White لبنہ
Leeza Dedicated To Allah لیزا
Lalen Ruby, Precious stone لالن
Lorain Flower Crown لورین
Lilaa Black لیلا
Laiba Batool A beautiful Hoor Of Heaven لائبہ بتول
Lalma Piece of land that defends only on rain للما۔
Leaqat Efficient لیاقت
Lolah Brave لولہ
Loh Shams Lover’s Forehead لوح شمس
Loh-e-Simin Lover’s Forehead لوح سیمیں
Lize Bow لیزے
Lala Lab Red Cheeks لالہ لب
Labwa Lion لبوہ
Lala Rukhsar Red Cheeks لالہ رخسار
Larmina Blue sky لارمینا
Laall Red Gemstone, Red Color لال
Losindah Bright لوسندہ
Laeeqah Clever لیقہ
Lala Azar Red Cheeks لالہ عذار
La’alin Red لعلین
Luloo Pearl لولو
Lail Afroz Lighting The Night لیل افروز
Laqa Afroz Bright لقاافروز
Lala Roo Like A Flower لالہ رو
Laasani One لاثانی
Laaton Wali Lava لاٹوں والی
Latipah One who is gentle and kind لطیفہ
Lilofer Lily لیلوفر
Labeebah Wise لبیبہ
Labiqah Wise لبیقہ
Lafeefah Wrapped لفیفہ
Lajjah Whirlpool لجہ
Lizaa God’s لیزا
Losiyaa Bright لوسیا
Laq’aa Meeting, Appearance لقا
Lamzah Talk With Sign لامزہ
Lahnah Flame لحنہ
Laffaz Good Ethics لفاظ
Laamiah Hair لامیہ
Litaaf Delicate لطیف
La’Sani One In All, With No Competitor لاثانی
Laqa Ara Decorator لقاآراء
Laamtah Bright لامطہ
Lazeera Wise لزیرہ
Lumaa Bright لمعہ
Lazirah Pious لزیرہ
Laajwerd A Gemstone لاجورد
Lubree Free لبری
Laqa’a Active لقاعہ
Laalah Name Of A Flower لالہ
Laqa’at Active لقاعت
La’al Red Pearl لعل
Laateh Stubborn لاطہ
Laqeez Fallen لقیظ
Lakhshaan Clean لخشاں
Laareb Without Any Doubt لاریب
Laakhtah Watcher لاخطہ
Lataa Tall & Slim لتا
Lakhmah Flame لخمہ
Leilaa Lover لیلیٰ
Lasoom Kiss لثوم
Lafifah Wrapped لفیفہ
Laazqah Adhesive لازقہ
Lamaazah Talk With Signs لمازہ
Lamantah White Lips لمنطہ
Lutfaanah Pious لطفانہ
Lasqah Attached لاصقہ
Lataazah Talk With Signs لتازہ
Lakhshah Flame لخشہ

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