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Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Starting with E

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Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Starting with E

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make as a parent. It’s a name that will accompany your child throughout their life, shaping their identity and connecting them to their heritage. Beautiful Muslim girl names starting with E are not only elegant but also carry deep meanings. In this guide, we’ll explore 250+ beautiful Muslim girl names that start with E, delving into their cultural and historical importance. Let’s embark on this enriching journey together.

Eshaal Paradise Flower, Fragrant Flower Of Heaven عشال
Eliza Unique, Precious, My God Is An Oath, Joyful العزة
Eshal Name Of Flower In Heaven, To Kindle, To Enliven, To Excite, إسهال
Eman Faith ایمان
Elif One with a slender body; original ایلف
Elma In german meaning is : God’s protection;Will-helmet. علما
Esra it means more or quick. ایسرا
Emma Entire, All إما
Erum Paradise Shaddad ارم
Erina Beautiful lady يرينا
Elisha Nice, Excellent, To tie/bind firmly العشا
Elham Inspiration الہام
Ezzah A person who gives the honour, respect عزاه
Emily Flower إيميلي
Eira Snow. ایرہ
Eva Life Beloved ایوا
Eylül The month September
Eiman Faith, Religion ایمان
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God إليه
Emira someone who is worhty or merit or a princess. امیرہ
Elijah Beautiful, sweet, smart العجه
Eisha Life and way of life ایشاﺀ
Emel it means desire. ایمل
Elnara People, country, nation ایلنارا
Esther Star, Myrtle Leaf عیستر
Eila The Earth دیبا
Emami Happiness امامی
Esmeray a dark moon. ایسمیرے
Emine it means one who is fearless and courageous. ایمن
Eleonora In italian meaning is : Shining light. Variant of Helen. عیلونورا
Elmira Aristrocratic Lady المیرا
Esana a feminized word meaning to safeguard. ایسنا
Elaheh Like a Goddess علاہ
Ece Popular person like a beautiful queen; attractive one
Emna believing امنة
Ermina Friendly رمينا
Ereshva Honest, Sincere یرشوا
Esta Star عیستا
Essy Star عیسے
Etti Star عتتی
Eimaan Faith إيمان
Elvan this name basically means colours. ایلوان
Ehteram In Farsi meaning is : Respect احترام
Essie Star عیسے
Emiri one who tries to excel or a royal person. امیری
Erezisha Truthfulness یرزیشا
Ester Star, Myrtle Leaf. عیستر
Eraq Bud ایراق
Ehzazunnisa Honorable Woman اعزالنساﺀ
Ewaz Adorned ایواز
Etty Star, Myrtle Leaf عتتے
Ellmeera Aristrocratic Lady. المیرا
Elmyra Aristrocratic Lady المیرا
Ellmera Aristrocratic Lady المیرا
Ehteram Respect احترام
Erenavacha One Who Speaks The Truth رنوچا
Elmeera Aristrocratic Lady المیرا
Elmera Aristrocratic Lady المیرا
Ereti Energy ارتی
Eredhwa Helper, Supporter یردھوا
Elmyrah Aristrocratic Lady المیریہ
Ettie Star, Myrtle Leaf عیتتی
Elmeria Aristrocratic Lady المیریہ
Ellmeria Aristrocratic Lady المیریہ
Elmerya Aristrocratic Lady. المیریہ
Elmeeria Aristrocratic Lady. المیریہ
Ettey Star عتتے
Enfleda the mother of a great saint. اینفلیڈا
Eeshah Comfort عیشہ
Esah Alive عیسیٰ
Eirah Watch ایرہ
Eilnaz Most Graceful Of All ایلناز
Esaa God’s ایسا
Ehtshaam Great احتشام
Eshrat Luxury, Comfort عشرت
Esfir Star like ایسفیر
Esaaque Strong ایثاق
Ejab Acceptance ایجاب
Eskandar Name Of A Famous Sovereign اسکندر
Evaa Life ایوا
Eitlaf Friendship, Association, Familiarity ایتلاف
Ekraam Forgiveness اکرام

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