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Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Starting with A

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Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Starting with A

Celebrate the arrival of your new baby with a carefully selected assortment of Islamic names that are perfectly suited for her. These names are distinct and offer your child a strong sense of individuality. Rooted in cultural heritage, these names are an excellent choice for your little one as they aptly capture their essence. The meanings of contemporary Muslim baby girl names that begin with the letter “A” are presented in a concise and user-friendly format. If you are seeking the finest Muslim girl name that starts with the letter “A” for your child, you may consider utilizing resources like Hoor Academy.

AyeshaAlive, Well-Living, Happily Livingعائشہ
AnabiaThe gate of heaven, the gate of paradiseانابیہ
AyatHoly Quran’s Verses, Signs, proofعیات
Aairanoble woman, honourable and respectful ladyآئرہ
AizaNobel, Respectfulعائزہ
Abeehaher father, nickname of Hazrat Fatimaابیھا
AyraVision-filling, eye-weakening, Respectableايرا
AnamPresent, Precious Gift from Allahانعم
AmyraPrincess, commander, Highborn Girlامیرا
AqsaFarthest, The mosque name Height, limitاقصیٰ
AryaIn Hindu meaning is : Honoured; nobleعاریہ
AfreenBeautiful, Brave, Acclaim ,Stimulation, Praise, Lucky , Encouragementآفرین
AlishaProtected by God, Noble kind; of the noble sort, Secureعلیشا
AimanRighteous, blessed, luckyایمن
AnitaGrace, Raise, Promote, Favorانیتا
ArishaThrone, To Build, Highnessعريسها
AnayaCaring, Guardian, Protector, Concernعنایہ
AlizaJoyous; Happiness; Faithful; Pious; Honestعلیزہ
AlinaBright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicateالينا
ArfaHigh-Status, Best, Sublime, The Mightyارفعہ
AyaatVerses, Messages, Signsأيات
AreebaWitty and Smart, wise, intelligentأريبا
AreeshaThrone Living, Under an umbrella. built structureعریشہ
ArshiyaFairy, Abode Of Allah, Lives In Skiesعرشي
AfnanGrowth, Progress, Full Spreading Branches Of Trees, Growth, Fruitfulnessافنان
AsmaExcellent, lofty, eminent, precious,Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminentاسماﺀ
AnaPrestige, Self Respect.انا
AaimaLeader, Ruler, Superiorأئمة
AminaHonest, Faithful, Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad.آمنہ
AafiyaGood health, Bin Ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of Hadithعافية
AnahitaGoddess of wisdom and fertilityانہتا
AbeeraRose, Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance.عبیرہ
AleezaJoyful, Cheerful, Happy, Lightheartedأليز
AribaWitty, Smart, Wise, Wisdom, Decisivenessاریبہ
AaniaTowards, direction, concern.آنيا
AliyaDefender, High, Tall, Towering, Lofty, Exalted, High-Ranking, Sublime, Superiorعلیا
AfiyaHealth ( Swahili origin )عافیہ
AishaLively Woman, Life, alive, well-living, happily livingعائشہ
AmalWork, Hope, Aspirationعمل
AleenaFair, Beautiful, Soft, Delicateالینا
AmnaPeace ,Safety, Safe One, Protected Oneامنہ
AfifaChaste, Virtuous, modest, Pure, Decentعفیفہ
AsiyaPensive, Thoughtful, Comfortingآسیہ
ArshiThrone livingعرشی
AliaHeaven, Skyعالیہ
ArshDominion Crown Throneعرش
AlisaWanderer In Phoenician, Name Of The Queen Of Carthage, GOD IS SALVATIONالیسا
AlishbahPretty ,Caring Sweet, Innocentعلشبہ
AnumBenefit, Blessings, Profit, Allah’s Favors Upon Humansانعم
AabirahFleeting, transitory, ephemeralعبيره
AdibaCultured, Refinedادیبہ
ArianaVery holy one.ارینا
ArshiaThrone, To Build, HIGHNESSعرشیہ
AabishQueen of Iran, daughter of Saad, Luckyآبش
AlishahHonesty, Truthful, Firmly Bandn, Strong Tieعلیشہ
Asma’Excellent, Precious. Daughter Of Abu Bakr, First Khalif.عاصمہ
AfreenTo Praise, To give thanks, To Congratulate, Beautiful, Elegantآفرین
AlishbaPretty ,Caring Sweet, Innocentالشبہ
AinaBeautiful Eyed Womanاعینہ
AaliyahIn hawaiian meaning is : high exalted; to ascendعلیہ
ArwaSatisfied, pleasant, Freshمطمئن، خوشگوار، تازہ
AabrooHonour, Fame, Dignityعبرو
AshrafMost Noble, Honourableاشرف
AsraGenerous, Noblerاسراﺀ
AbrashSpotted, Dappledابرش
AabidaWorshiper, Devotee, Devoutعابدہ
AjwaName of a date in Saudia Arabia Tree planted by Holy Prohpet PBUHاجوا
AtikaNOBLE Honorableعاتکہ
AfshanDisperser, Distributor, Spreader, To Sprinkle,افشاں
AmeliaTrustworthy, beautifulعملية
AfiaAway from all Problemsعافية
AdeebaLiterary Woman, Authoress, Cultured, Polite.ادیبہ
ArifaKnowledgeable, Learnedعارفہ
AabirFragrance, Scent, Aromaعابیر
AroushHeaven’s Angelعروش
AmberReddish-Yellow Precious Jewel.امبر
AfsheenShine Like A Starافشین
AreejPleasant smellاریج
AnilaBeautiful, Innocent, Wind, Airانیلا
AlyanTall and healthy.اليان
AailaHalo of the moon, Beautiful, like moon, brilliantعائلة
AshiEvening, Nightعاشی
AlaraAltaic – Mythological Aquatic Fairy; One who makes things beautiful; Water Fairyالارا
AabdarGlassy, Shiny, Clean, early, quick, full moon,آبدار
AleshaProtected by God, Noble kind; of the noble sort, Secureالعشا
AaliaIn Muslim meaning is : Exalted; Highest social standingعالیہ
AmirahPrincess, Wealthy, Rulerامیرہ
AyleenTurkish – Halo of the Moon; Light; A variant form is Aylinعائلین
Az ZahraExcellent and smartاز زہرا
AriaBrings Rainآریہ
AtifaCompassionate, Affectionateعاطفہ
AakifaA lady who worship Allah in solitudeاقفى
AlifaShow Affectionآلفہ
AnisaPleasant Companionانیسہ
AlamThe Whole Worldعالم
AidaVisiting, Noble, Nobility, Reward, Present, Helperعاہدہ
AainaMirror, Reflection, Glass, Reflectorانا
AbalWild Roseابل
AapaBig Sisterآپا
AafaForgiver, pardoner, forgiver”, “pardonerعافہ
AsfiyaPure, Clearاصفیا
AabidahWorshiper, Devotee, Devout, Spiritualعبيده
AatifaAffection, Sympathyعطيفة
AifaLikes solitudeعائفہ
Ahlam[she With The Beauty Of] Dreamsاہلم
AabisAUSTERE, STERN, grim-faced, fierce-faced, Companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)آبص
AleishaNoble, Exaltedعلیشا
AmeeraPrincess, Rich Woman, Leader, Also A Variant Of Amira: Well Populatedامیرہ
AakifahDevoted, Dedicatedاكفه
AlibabaGreat Leaderعلی بابا
AnyaA woman with large eyes.انيا
AmamaWithout Egoامامہ
AmbreenThe skyعمبرین
AfrahCelebrations, Festivalsافرہ
AlveenaLoved one, cared one, liked.ألفينا
AbiraMy Strengthعابرہ
AsmaraBeautiful butterflyأسمرة
AlizayBeauty of Light, radiant, glowing, joyعلیزے
AmiraWell Populated.عامرہ
AamiraImperial, Abundant, Inhabitedأميرة
AfraColor of earthافرا
AshnaFragrant, perfumedاشنہ
AlmasDiamond Adamantالماس
AhbabDarling, Dearاحباب
AfsaProphet Mohammeds PBUH wifeأفصى
AfsarBetter, Explained, Officerافسر
AasmaaIn Muslim meaning is : Excellent; Preciousاسماء
AaeedahVisiting, Returning, Rewardايده
AadabHope, need. Mannered, Culturedادب
AshiraWealthy Or I Will Singعاشرہ
AnjumanPlace of gathering, Committeeانجمن
Aa’ishahA Lively Personعائشہ
AadilaJust, Honest, Equal, Uprightأدلة
AmmaraShe who commands, Eternal, Unfading, Bitterأمرا
AfzaAugmenting. Increasing.افزہ
Ayesha Siddiqaحضور سروركائنات صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم كی زوجہعائشہ صدیقہ
AaidahReturner, visitor of the sick, ‘Name of a narrator of hadith.أيده
AbhaMore Or Most Beautiful, More Splendidابھا
A’balochSweet,SUGAR CANDYآبلوچ
AzkaPious, Pure, Very Ingeniousاذک
AsjadGold, Jewelاسجد
AamirahA woman inhabitig in a place.اميره
AmberlyA Jewel-quality Fossilized Resin. As A Color The Name Refers To A Warm Honey Shade.عمبریلی
AnzaA Littleعنزہ
Aani Fatimah KhatoonShe was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyahآنی فاطمه خاتون
AmeenaIn Muslim meaning is : Trustworthy; Faithfulامینہ
AsnaThe one to be acknowledged or praisedاسنا
AneesaVariant Of Anisa: Affectionate.انیسا
AanisahYoung Lady, Maidenانيسه
ArooshAngle of heaven.عروسه
AylinTurkish – Halo of the Moon; Light; A variant form is Aylinآئلن
AzmatFirm, Fixedعظمت
AanGlory, honor, typeآن
AbraExample. Lesson.عبرہ
AaleyahExalted or highest social standingعالیہ
AnooshaCreed, School Of Thought, Delighted, Happyأنوش
AlmirahAristrocratic Ladyالمیرا
AraOrnament, Decorationآرا
AsliPure, original.اسلي
AyannaIn american meaning is : Beautiful flowerآیاننا
AsmatPure, Cleanأصمت
AarifahKnowing, Women who recognises Islamعارفه
AroobaA Woman In Love With Her Husbandعروبہ
AamaalHopes. Aspirations, Wishes.اعمال
AuraCloud, Rainاورا
AnzilaBe Revealedانزیلہ
AzwaPl. of Zau, lightعزوة
AishahWoman Life. Aisha Was The Name Of The Favorite Wife Of The Prophet Mohammed.عائشہ
ArzuWish, hope, loveأرز
AreenaThe voice of the turtledoveعرینہ
AdabGood Breeding, Decorum, Cultureاداب
AskaTo Closeاصقہ
AbrajWith Beautiful Eyesابرج
AleaIn hebrew meaning is : Exalted, Highعلیہ
AyshaAlive And Wellعائشہ
AramIn armenian meaning is : High, exalted.عرم
AnamtaYou have blessedانعمتا
AdilaRighteous, Fair. Feminine Form Of Adilعادلہ
AliahExaulted, noble, highest social standingالياه
AleehaA beautiful roseعلیھا
ArubaLoves Her Husband.عروبا
AnoshayPleasant personalityانوشے
AfridaCreated, Produced.آفریدہ
AjiaThe Magnificentاجیہ
AmanPeace, Comfortامن
AfifahPure, Chaste, Honestعفیفہ
AmeerahHighborn Girlامیرہ
AdivaAgreeable, Gentle.عدوی
AleeyaIn hebrew meaning is : High bornعلیہ
AyahSign And Proof Of Allah’s Greatness, Verse From The Quranاياه
AsfaLike Strong Windعاصفہ
AalimahScholar, Authorityاليمه
ArminDweller of the garden of edenارمين
AmbarJewel. Amber Stone.عنبر
AaraaEmbellishing, Adorning.آرا
AseelSmooth, pure.أسيل
AamilahDoer of good deeds, Righteousاميله
ArahIn nigerian meaning is : Mothe earth protects from death and other evilعرہ
AatiqahShoulder support oldاطيقه
AmaniWishes. Aspirations.امینہ
Alam araThe World Improvingعالم آراﺀ
AbqariMulticolored, Ingenious, Genial, Perfectعبقری
AymenSacred, Brave, Old name of Arabiaأيمن
AreebahIn Muslim meaning is : Witty and smartاریبہ
AriBrings Rainایری
AiniSpring, Flower, Source, Choice.آئینی
AhmadiGold coinاحمدی
AneezaHappiness And Green Valleysانیسہ
AzeenClever, Improveاذین
AkhtarStar Good Luckاختر
AafreedaCreated, brought into being, Producedآفریدہ
AblaA wild rose ( Swahili origin )عبلہ
Aab BaazSwimmerآب باز
AshtarWeapon, Swordاشتر


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