Banners put up against protests in Rawalpindi – Hum News


Rawalpindi: Before the long march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) arrived in Rawalpindi, banners were put up against the protests.

In Rawalpindi, civil society put up banners at various places before PTI’s long march arrived. Different texts are written on the banners. In which various texts including “Let God run the country”, “Economy stability, best employment guarantee” are displayed.

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Another banner read, “Why closed my school, I have to study”, “Our demand is job flow, let us earn our children’s livelihood” and other similar writings. are

All these banners are displayed on Murree Road by Civil Society.

It should be noted that after PTI’s long march started from Lahore on October 28, it is moving towards Islamabad through GT Road through various cities and PTI announced to reach Islamabad on November 10. has been done

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