Ban on entry of Pakistanis with one name into the UAE


Dubai: Pakistanis with one name have been banned from entering the UAE.

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According to the respected English newspaper ‘Khalij Times’, all Pakistanis who have only one name on their passports, i.e. those without father or family name, will not be able to enter the United Arab Emirates.

A private airline of Pakistan ‘Serene Air’ has also updated the guidelines issued for passengers in this regard.

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Under the new guidelines issued for passengers, all Pakistani passengers traveling on single-name passports with no first or last name will not be allowed to enter the UAE.

It may be noted that earlier Indian airlines had also asked the traveling passengers to correct their names on the passports as passengers with only one name are not allowed to enter the UAE.

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Australia recently asked its citizens to write at least two names in the name field on the passport because if there is only one name in the passport, entry will be denied.

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