Army will stand firm on its decision to remain apolitical despite propaganda, Army Chief


Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa says that the army will stand firm on its decision to remain apolitical despite propaganda and false narratives.

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said in an interview given to Gulf News that Pakistan Army has always played an important role in national decision-making. Due to its historical role in the country’s politics, the army faced severe criticism from the public and politicians.

He says that we have decided to depoliticize the role of the army and limit it only to its constitutional responsibility. The decision, however, was viewed negatively by a section of society and faced personal criticism. This will facilitate the revival and strengthening of democratic values.

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He says that Pakistan’s forces have always played a role in controlling internal disturbances. The army will remain steadfast in its decision to remain apolitical despite the propaganda. The apolitical nature of the army will promote democratic values ​​and political stability in Pakistan. will be promoted.

He has said that this decision will provide support to the state institutions in carrying out their affairs effectively. Above all, this decision will help in enhancing the prestige of the army in the long run. The Pakistan Army has earned unprecedented respect and trust of the Pakistani nation throughout its history.

He says that the positive and constructive role of the army in Pakistan’s national security and development has always had unwavering public support. The commitment ends. That’s why I thought it wise to save the Pakistan Army from the chaos of politics in Pakistan.

He has said that despite the unwarranted criticism of the armed forces through massive propaganda and false narratives, the institutional commitment to remain apolitical will remain firm. I am confident that this political quarantine of the armed forces will promote political stability for Pakistan in the long run and strengthen the military-public relationship.

He said that Pakistan has brotherly relations with the Gulf Arab countries and other countries of the Middle East, which is rooted in our strong religious, historical and cultural ties. We have selfless relations with brotherly Arab states.

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He has said that Pakistan is grateful for the generous and unconditional support from the Arab countries during the difficult times. Pakistan has always supported the interests of its Middle Eastern friends and will continue to do so in the future. Military diplomacy complements Pakistan’s foreign policy.

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