Apple’s iOS 17.1 update will be released by October 24.


Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.1 update is reported to be released to the public by October 24.

The launch date was revealed by French regulatory group ANFR as it shared an update on Apple’s plans to address radiation levels in the iPhone 12 through iOS 17.1.

iOS 17.1 beta has gone through two phases of changes and is currently in the beta 3 testing phase. This update is accessible to participants in Apple’s developer program who are eligible for beta updates.

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The iOS 17.1 update introduces several enhancements to the iOS 17 operating system. These include the ability to use the Apple Music Favorites feature. Air drop Added functionality to view bank and card balances within the Wallet app, via the Internet, as well as a modified action button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apart from these features, the new update is important for the company as it will address the radiation issue raised by the French government.


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