Another revolution in the field of health, blood produced in the lab was infused into humans


LONDON: Health scientists have achieved another revolutionary milestone as scientists have started a world-first experiment by infusing laboratory-prepared blood into humans for the first time.

According to British media reports, this feat came as part of ongoing research by scientists from the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol, as well as researchers from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

During the study, the blood from the donor was also compared to the standard duration of blood produced in the lab.

Experts from three different fields have initially injected the red cells produced in the laboratory into the bodies of 2 healthy people, but 10 volunteers have been recruited for the research.

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British researchers say that this is the first clinical trial in the world in which laboratory-prepared blood has been transferred to people. has been inserted into the body.

According to reports, during the experiment, volunteers will be re-transfused with laboratory-prepared blood every 4 months, according to experts. Volunteers will be given blood, once prepared in a laboratory and once donated by a normal human being, and each time they will be tested to see if the blood works or has any side effects.

Experts hope that blood prepared in a laboratory will give better results than blood received as a donation from ordinary people.

Experts took stem cells from human blood and produced red cells from them in the laboratory and from 500,000 stem cells, 50 billion red cells were produced within three weeks.

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Scientists say that laboratory-made blood will cost less than each bag of donated blood, and if the results are good, it will end a long-standing problem for millions of people around the world. The success of the experiment will also facilitate the treatment of people suffering from anemia and other blood viruses including thalassemia.

According to experts, the purpose of blood preparation in the laboratory is to make blood of those rare blood groups that have very few people in the world. At present there are only three individuals of a blood group called ‘Mumbai’ worldwide, one of whom is in India while two individuals are based in the UK. Similarly, the number of people with certain rare blood groups is up to 10 and it becomes impossible to ensure the availability of blood from such people in an emergency.


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