Another drug for depression has emerged


A particular mushroom herb used around the world has been found to be very beneficial for depression and other mental problems.

According to an international website, a drug made from a special mixture of mushrooms called psilocybin, also known as fungus, has been hailed by experts as the wonder drug of the future after its second trial showed excellent results.

Experts recruited 233 volunteers from 22 regions in the UK, Europe and Latin America to try pills made from psilocybin.

The experts recruited volunteers who had severe depression and whose illness worsened after taking medication or therapy sessions.

The experts divided the volunteers into 3 different groups and gave one group 1 mg daily, 10 mg to the second group and 25 mg to the third group.

After all the volunteers were given the pills, they were also asked to undergo therapy sessions and for three months, the experts conducted tests on the volunteers, including their brain waves and behaviour.

At the end of the study, people who took the higher gram dose were found to be more relaxed, meaning people who took a 25-gram dose benefited more than another 10-gram dose, experts said.

According to experts, after taking the pills, the people who had therapy sessions were relieved of depression for 6 hours and their behavior also improved and they were able to perform other tasks like listening to music in a calm environment.

Experts hailed a drug made from the mushroom herb psilocybin as a magic potion, hoping that it would help control common ailments like depression and that the drug’s therapy could yield surprising results.


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