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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan came to public for the first time after the operation. It is said that an attempt was made to kill him and four shots were fired.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan while holding the first press conference after the murder attack said that I want to tell the nation that there was an attempt to kill me, it was found out a day ago that there was a plan to kill me in Wazirabad or Gujarat.

Imran Khan said that I want to put the details of the last six months in front of you. He said that the American Under Secretary of State threatened to remove me. The market was busy

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that stolen money was used to buy members, we did not buy people for failure of trust, everyone thought that the grave of Tehreek-e-Insaf has been dug.

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After the no-confidence motion, millions of people came out to protest, the Pakistani nation did something that had never happened before, on April 10, I was surprised by the way people came out on the streets.

Imran Khan said that they say that we have become neutral, take any meaning of neutral, I had to go back to the people, I am surprised at how much the people have accepted.

They announced a long march on May 25, in which the people participated fully. To stop our long march, they entered the houses and tortured them. They conducted 3 long marches in our government. Is the long march permissible for them and forbidden for us? Is? The nation rejected the imported government.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaaf said that their plan was to attack Imran Khan and give him a religious color.

Imran Khan said that he knows who was behind Arshad Sharif. Who forced him to leave Dubai, what happened to Arshad Sharif, the nation will never forgive him.

He said that people know what is happening, stood on 9 seats in the by-election, won 8 out of 9 seats, created a world record.

He said that they have decided to kill me, four people have decided to kill me in a closed room, I have made a video and have kept it, I have said that if anything happens to me, release it.

The former Prime Minister said that I got shot under a conspiracy, they decided to kill Imran Khan Salman Taseer type, they made some videos of me, the PML-N played the videos on social media, what happened in Wazirabad on September 24. was told

He said that three different people planned to kill me, a day before reaching Wazirabad they planned to kill me, I was sure that the people would come out like the sea. They cannot stop the people.

Imran Khan said that when a burst was fired, bullets hit my leg, when I fell, another burst was fired, the bullets passed over me, if I had not fallen, then I would not have survived, whoever was sitting above must have thought. I will die.

They said that one was caught, but it was all planned. I salute the youth who caught the accused. The youth showed bravery and caught the accused.

Chairman PTI said that there are 2 ways in front of this nation, peaceful revolution or bloody revolution, people have become conscious, now people have stood up, if I was shot in front, I would have died in 20 minutes.

He said that I will defeat Zardari in Sindh, people of Sindh are tired of Zardari, Sharif family can fight me on any seat, Nawaz Sharif should come back and fight me on any seat in Punjab.

He said that Chief Justice save this country, as soon as I get well then I will come out, you should never compromise for your future, after getting well I will call Islamabad. not walking

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Chairman PTI Imran Khan alleged that government machinery was used in the July 17 by-election and the Election Commission helped them.

Earlier, Dr. Faisal said that the lower bone of Imran Khan’s knee was affected by the bullet, the fracture on Imran Khan’s leg is clearly visible in the X-ray.

A bullet passed very close to a major artery in the leg, surgically removed fragments of the bullet near the artery.

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