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In the fast-paced world we live in, almost all of us have realized that we need to unburden ourselves, heal past trauma, deal with anxiety/depression, or even carry on with daily activities. Therapy is needed. While some choose to sign up for expensive therapists, most of us are unable to prioritize our mental health for a variety of reasons.

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6000 Thoughts may be one of the first free AI apps out there that aims to provide free guidance to its users using journaling and feedback to organize your thoughts and advance your emotional development. can go.

The simple dynamic app is designed to prioritize whatever you want to prioritize, from clearing your head, dealing with emotions, making decisions, or confronting negative thoughts. Along with daily journaling, the app analyzes your written or audio-recorded content, to generate statistics on how you’re progressing with your sessions.

Acting as a personal coach, 6000 Thoughts empowers you to identify thought patterns and overcome thought biases, increasing self-awareness and increasing objectivity. The platform offers quick summaries with quick insights identifying recurring themes. User data is not shared with third parties or companies, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

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You can record your daily journal by typing or recording yourself, which can then be transcribed into text and summarized. The AI ​​tool records important recurring themes in your thoughts, providing tools for connecting them, how you feel, and your brain. Users can also add commitments to habits, affirmations, actions and expressions, with daily reminders and follow-ups to make sure you stick to them.

The app offers various prompts for you to think about such as understanding second-order effects, and relationships, challenging your thoughts, addressing you as you, time travel, past podiums, etc. Your AI life coach will also give you tips on how to keep the train of thought going, giving you examples of how to talk and work with takeaways.

With their daily check-in bubble that’s always flowing and prompts you to unburden yourself before it overflows or reaches the edge, 6000 Thoughts is a unique and beautiful app that lets you Designed to help you unwind in ways that will lighten your heart without the need for one. There to listen. Using feedback and self-reflection, you can learn how you’re feeling and manage your emotions at the same time. Try this free app available on Android and iOS today.



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