After the attack, he became more mentally disturbed, people who plan murder are powerful, Imran Khan – Hum News


LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that after the attack, I have become mentally stronger than before. My murder was planned two months ago. We will solve our internal problem by ourselves. not required.

Firing incident on Imran Khan: Prime Minister’s letter to form a judicial commission

While giving an interview to the Turkish Broadcasting Corporation, he said that when he went public, he disclosed about the attack on September 24. When my government was overthrown, a plan was made to kill him.

The former prime minister said that after coming to power, we won 75 percent of the by-elections, seeing the popularity, every effort was made to get out of the race somehow, when my government was overthrown, the popularity of the party increased further, on behalf of the people. There was a strong reaction.

The government can impose Governor’s rule in Punjab, if the President does not agree, then the Acting President will come, Home Minister

Imran Khan said that the religious card was used against me and a regular plan was made, an impression was created against me that I had hurt religious sentiments. Killed, the people planning to kill me are powerful.

Chairman PTI said that even if they resort to bullet proof, they have many ways to kill. I have been campaigning for 6 months and we were constantly warned that if you take a long march, your life will be lost. there will be danger,
A written warning was received from the present government.

No fear or threat of death can stop the struggle, Imran Khan

Imran Khan said what were the options I had? Would I have ended my struggle for elections? Would I sit at home and watch injustice? But I can’t do that.

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