Adobe brings Lightroom’s Ultra HDR image editing to Android.


Adobe has made the Ultra HDR image editing option available in Lightroom Mobile for Android.

The update comes just as Android 14 is about to roll out to users. The new update is supported by Google’s new OS.

Ultra HDR image editing uses a wide range of light and dark tones to make an image appear very realistic. To enable this mode, go to the three-line icon > Preferences > Photo Import Options > Enable HDR Edit Mode for new photos. This will allow you to automatically view the HDR data while editing the imported HDR image.

As of now, Lightroom for Mobile (Android) currently only supports HDR on Google Pixel 7 devices (including the Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7a, and Google Pixel 7 Pro) on Android 14.

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Lightroom It’s a popular tool among content creators, especially photographers. The mobile app in particular makes it easy to edit photos quickly. The full rollout of the feature and the ability of devices to support this change will take time.


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