A wrong tweet has sparked a debate over the affordable price of insulin


A fake account falsely tweeted about insulin for diabetics after the social networking site Twitter issued a blue tick mark to fake accounts, sparking a debate over smart insulin prices.

According to Urdu News, the issuance of blue tick marks to fake accounts on the social networking website Twitter not only cost the American pharmaceutical company billions of dollars, but also brought scrutiny to the high cost of insulin.

US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly’s shares fell sharply after Twitter launched an $8 subscription to get the blue tick mark and a surge in verified fake accounts.

A falsely verified tweet from a verified fake account of the company Eli Lilly claimed that insulin used for diabetes patients would be provided free of charge.

After the tweet, the company issued a statement apologizing to consumers and explaining that the misleading message was sent by a fake Lilly account, but the false tweet from the fake account sparked another debate about insulin surcharges. Is.

Qasim Rasheed, an American lawyer, tweeted that the company should apologize for raising the price of what is essentially life-saving insulin.

Peter Meberduk, associated with the social organization Public Citizen, said that the information released by the fake account, rather than the real Eli Lilly account, is probably the closest to the truth.

The cost of insulin in the United States has increased dramatically over the past decades, with the cost of insulin in the United States being eight times higher than in 32 high-income countries.

A survey released in October revealed that one in four respondents with diabetes had to take a break from insulin due to financial difficulties.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on November 14, the social organization Public Citizen also wrote a letter to the US Congress demanding a reduction in the price of insulin.

Drug price watchdog Peter Meberduk says there has long been a desperate need for insulin to be made available to everyone, and of course it should be free.

After the fake account spread false information, Eli Lilly tried to contact Twitter representatives to remove the account, but Twitter could not be reached for several hours.

On Friday, Eli Lilly issued orders that no advertising be placed on Twitter.

In addition, companies suffered huge losses after defense equipment giant Lockheed Martin, among others, became verified fake Twitter accounts. The subscription plan was temporarily suspended.


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