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A terrible fire in a factory in China, 36 people died


A terrible fire in a factory in China, 36 people died

Beijing, November 22 (SO News/Agency) 36 people died in a fire in a factory in the central province of Henan, China. According to Chinese media, two people are missing after the fire and the search is on. The fire was brought under control with the help of 36 vehicles of Municipal Fire Rescue. Local authorities say that a suspicious person has been arrested on the spot and is being interrogated.

According to foreign media, a fire suddenly broke out in a factory located in the high-tech zone of Anyang province, China, which engulfed a large part of the building. Due to the fire, clouds of smoke covered the area. The bodies of 36 people who died in the fire and many injured people were shifted to the hospital.

The fire in the factory was brought under control by 63 fire tenders after several hours of struggle. The cause of the fire in the factory is not yet known. Officials say that some of the injured are in critical condition and the death toll is expected to rise. Officials of the Public Security Department have detained some suspects from the fire-affected factory, but their details have not been disclosed.

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